6. I couldn’t handle a water slide

6. I couldn’t handle a water slide

“During spring break a few years ago, I bought a super cute new bikini that I saved for my first day on the beach. I secretly don’t have the slightest idea how to swim, but didn’t want to tell anyone, so I went in the water, but just planted my feet firmly in the sand at the bottom and chatted with a friend. A few minutes later, a wave took me down and my crush had to come to save the day! It wasn’t all that bad until I realized the ocean took my bikini top away. Worst way to start the week!” -Danielle, 22

“It was spring break and my friends and I decided to hit the local water park. One of my favorite rides is a slide that shoots you into a giant pool like a cannonball. I’d gone on it a million times and never had a problem, but this time, as I hit the water my bikini top flew off! I grabbed it and got it back on as I got out of the pool, but it was still pretty embarrassing walking past the giggling lifeguard.” – Emily, 20

7. I ran into a https://hookupdate.net/tr/biggercity-inceleme/ trash can

“For spring break during my senior year of high school, my friends and I decided to go to my beach house, and immediately hit the beach on the the first day. We were throwing around a frisbee and I went to run for it. The problem was that I wasn’t looking down and ran into the garbage can. Even worse? My older brother’s group of cute friends watched the whole thing. I was mortified!” – Erin, 20

8. I fell in front of everyone

“I was on spring break with all my friends and we were so excited to ride the ferris wheel on the boardwalk that overlooked the beach. We were even more excited that a group of cute boys we met wanted to join us. Unfortunately, as the ride was ending and I got out of the swinging chair, I totally lost my balance and fell down the ramp leading onto the ride. My friends laughed about it for the whole rest of the trip.” – Alison, 21

9. I got my period

“I was at the beach with my friends and had to go to the bathroom. When I got in the stall, I realized I had gotten my period, so I went to the door and yelled (loudly) to my friends waiting outside to see if any of them had a tampon. When no one answered, I opened the door only to find that my friends had walked back to the beach and two cute guys were standing there trying not to laugh! It was mortifying.” – Michelle, 17

10. I had to jump back in the lake

“Last spring break I went to the lake with my best friend and was on my period, but I didn’t know. We got out of the water and laid out in the sand for a while. Some cute guys came over and we all thought it’d be funny to make me into one of those sand mermaids, but when I stood up, there was a ton of blood in the sand! I was so embarrassed that I jumped back into the lake and waited for my mom to come with a new bathing suit.” – Jessica, 18

11. I was using expired sunscreen

“My friends and I had gone down to a beach close by for a day during spring break. We played around on the beach and in the water for hours! Since I’m very pale and sensitive to the sun, I reapplied my sunscreen almost every half hour. My friends made jokes about how over-the-top it was while they laid around sunbathing all day. Eventually, when I was almost out of sunscreen, we headed home. When I got home, I realized my back was bright red! Despite my best efforts I got horrible sun poisoning – it turns out my sunscreen was expired! Now I never go to the beach without a personal umbrella. My friends still tease me about it.” – Aubrey, 21

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